Model AC Circuit Sentry Hose Kits

The Model AC Circuit Sentry Hose Kit is an Automatic flow control hose kit. The Circuit Sentry Valve is a pressure independent flow limiting device that maintains constant fluid flow, automatically compensating for fluctuating pressure conditions. This unique automatic flow control valve has large open flow paths for clog-free operation. The Circuit Sentry Valve has a removable/replaceable flow cartridge which facilitates easy flushing of the piping for commissioning the system, and allows for easy change of flow rates if needed. Valve is equipped with an integrated ball shut off and two pressure/temperature test ports.


Balance Type: Automatic Flow Limiting Valve with internal fixed flow cartridge
Body Design: Brass Valve w/integrated isolation/shut-off, PT’s, Union End on inlet side.
Body: Brass C37710
Ball: Chrome Plated Brass C37710
O-Rings: EPDM
Max. Working Pressure: 400 psig
Balance Cartridge:  
A & B Body: Brass 36000
C Body: Stainless Steel
Spring: Stainless Steel
Diaphragm: Reinforced EPDM
Min. psid: Varies with size/cartridge
Max. psid: 60

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